Sunday, December 19, 2010

Farewell Dinner and Entebbe (Debrief)

(Practicum students)

So the end of Uganda was alot of fun, sad but fun.

First off my 'family' and I went out and took lots of pictures together one of which is above. We had so much fun!

We also had a farewell dinner. It was where we said final goodbyes to a number of people. It went really well. Two people in our group gave speeches as did some teachers and other people. My family was supposed to come but ended up too busy to be able to make it, so just my aunt came, but it was good to be able to say goodbye to her!

The rest of that week was spent packing up, and then Sunday we went to Entebbe. We spent the weekend/beginning of the week debriefing and talking about reentry. However no matter how much someone tried to prepare you, you are never ready to leave.

We got to go to the zoo one day as well as hang out by a pool. I took my crazyyyy hair mostly out, and then tuesday night we went to the airport.

We had a flight at 1:45 that was 8 hours, then a 6 hour layover, then another 8 hour flight, then I had another 6 hour layover and a two hour flight.

Phil came and saw me once I got to DC, so finally getting to see him again was SO wonderful. He was such a help as I had to say goodbye to so many wonderful people, it was wonderous to have a familiar face right there next to me. It meant so much to me that he was there.

I froze on my flights. haha. I will have another blog on being back, it has been weird.

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  1. I didn't comment on this. But I wish I could have seen you too. But alas.