Sunday, November 21, 2010

Musana Camps!

This blog is late, I am way behind on them!

Last weekend my roommate Lindsay, Alayna, Grace, and I went to Musana Camps. It is run by Lindsay's old camp director and they are setting it up to run in Uganda.

It was really neat to visit. We spent Saturday night and all day Sunday there.

We got in fairly late Saturday night and helped them unload groceries and were met with beautiful homemade bread.

We stayed in safari tents on mattresses more comfortable than the ones we sleep on at school. We smushed our beds together and had so much fun together.

Sunday we got to tour the camp and Dave told us all about what was going on and what they wanted to do. We got to eat real food all weekend and swim in Lake Victoria.

Lake Victoria is pretty disgusting but it was still super fun! Lindsay and I got sick afterwards. We are not sure why but spent Monday sleeping, drinking Sprite, and eating crackers and were as good as new! It was a great weekend!

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  1. yes, yes you are very very behind on this..