Tuesday, November 30, 2010

December has come...

Today is December 1st. How crazy is that? I honestly feel like it was last week that I flew into this new country on an airplane not 100 days ago. And I am honestly far from ready to leave.

Uganda is so different than anywhere I have ever lived before. In my mind I thought it would be about the same as Morocco. Although it does have similarities it itself is a whole other world.

Two weeks from today at about one in the morning I get on an airplane. I fly to Amsterdam, then to DC, and then to Atlanta.

I am excited to see my sister and my family. I cannot deny that, but I am far from ready to leave this beautiful country.

Everyday has not been easy. I hate cold showers, I hate that I am continually gaining weight from the food I eat, I hate how men hit on you because you are white, and I hate when I cannot understand the language.

Other than those fairly insignificant things I am far from ready to leave.

The community and simple living that has developed here is far from anything else I have ever experienced. When 32 people move to a 'foreign' country together they have no choice but bond together simply for survival.

The people I have met here amaze me. I have literally gained five sisters who are my family. And everyone else I love so much. All 32. Granted when you are all together you will get on each other's nerves now and then, but we really really love each other. We have all come together in a way I have seen few people do before. I honestly trust them all. I know if something was to happen they would be there for me. When I was in the US I always felt like I had maybe 2 or 3 friends that I could REALLY depend on at school. Why is that? Why can we not develop that kind of love, trust, and community in a college environment in the US?

I am not ready to come 'home' and I just felt I should tell everyone that now before I actually get back. I am not ready to leave the people I have here and simple living to go back to mass consumerism and a community I do not feel at home in. I am nervous about adjusting back to VFCC, and getting back in the midst of everything that the entails.

I know I can do it, I have before, but I am not ready to. Although I knew in the beginning that this was a semester event... I am not ready for it to be over.

I love it here.


  1. It's our culture Rachel, the fast pace, getting things done as soon as possible, it doesn't allow for the kind of connection you have been able to get in Uganda. And as much as I want to see you, I would let you stay if you wanted to.. (and could) :) Miss you sis!

  2. thanks dave :) i needed that. miss you too i cannot wait to see you in january :) i really am so pumped to get to see you again!